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what I believe architecture should be more about is the mark on earth we leave when we are gone.

It’s hard to do everything alone. That’s why I work with a talented team of professionals to complete each project on time. We come together from different backgrounds and expertise to help shape the direction of the project with creative ideas and quality work. Learn more about the team I work with below.

About: Meet the Team

I’ve got the best minds in the business working with me. Get in touch today to learn how we can help.

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Our Team

Valerie Van der Put , worked for Toon Lindelauf , Karla Menten and Viktor Simoni before she started her own company.  Now she is the main architect of her own dream projects with the support of her design partner they created Atelier Deux Belges where they make art, design and fashion in a co-op structure.

Atelier Deux Belges

Some designs , art and fashion we worked on together

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